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Elastic groin on player


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My character has a default model from SOS that sort of hovers around the groin, but doesn't act like it's attached to the body. When I jump, it moves upwards slightly, but mostly just stretches away from the body. In SOS settings it says that the player has a non-compatible skeleton, which is XP32 Maximum Extended, downloaded from here, and installed using the installer through Mod Organizer. The groin remains like that if I restart SOS from MCM during the phase where the character has underwear on, so I assume it's not directly a problem with SOS.


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Incorrect skeleton being used is more in likely the culprit. Make sure the skeleton that you are using is the correct one and also make sure nothing has overwritten it. If you are using a custom race the skeleton needs to be placed in your custom races folder.

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Did you install the patch that enables SoS and XP32 skeleton to work together? It can be found on Nexus.*


* - I didn't find anything in the rules that prohibits mentioning Nexus or referring to its collection of mods, so I assume it's ok to do it. Sorry if I missed something. 

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OK, the problem seems to be with TBBP Dragonfly animation overwriting the skeleton, and disabling it restored normal male functionality. After double-clicking on TBBP Dragonfly animation in Mod Organizer, going to the area that lists conflicts, and hiding the files that overwrote the normal and beast skeletons, females seem to keep the animation, and males have the normal skeleton.

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