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Pixie Village problem


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Hi First so far it was a great game, really fun to play, read and watch.


Ok to the quest were I have a Problem.


I have done the milk quest, Now I want to leave the village and the pixes said I should talk to Kiraiko.


What I have done. I am in the "The Amulet of Attunement" quest after long testing I got the right code to finish the quest.

I Teleported out of it but now I stand there, no quest maker, no Kiraiko and the "Advice from a Caterpillar" quest is not moving on because Kiraiko is missing. the pixies have nothing new to say, and I cant use the door. what can I do now


Edit:hmm Hope i didn't kill anything ^^. Have taken Kiraikos id befor the quest. and after the teleport after the amulet I use the moveto player code now I am out of there.

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For safety reason, send me your savegame files so I can check. you can use claudia.calidia@gmail.com.


If you did a moveto from the world of the golden pixies you probably broke the quest sequence. So don't play anymore until I can test. I should come back tomorrow. Cheers !

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