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Racial Slurs of Tamriel

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I've got an idea that's motivating me to start modding (I'm not going to tell you what it is just in case I can't get it done) and to add flavor I want to put some racial slurs in.  There aren't many in the vanilla game, and I can only think a few myself so I turn to you guys.  I want words/phrases that would stabbed in you said them in the wrong place, really insulting stuff, the only limit is I don't want them to be too long (no more than five or six words).  Also, and I want to make this part really clear, NO REAL WORLD RACIAL SLURS, I repeat NO REAL WORLD RACIAL SLURS.  I don't want to see people calling Redguards the N-word or anything. 


Here's what I have, hopefully you guys can add more:


Nords: Snow back; Ice brain; Snow monkey.

Redguards: Sand eater.

Bretons: Half-breed/half-man/half-mer (referring to supposed elven heritage of that race).

Imperial: ??? I've got nothing.

Dark Elf: Gray skin; ash face.

Wood Elf: Tree fucker.

High Elf: ??? Something about Thalmor, maybe?

Orc: Green skin; bone head; pig face.

Khajiit: Flea bag; fur ball.

Argonian: Scale back; feather head; upright alligator; mud sucker.

Any Human: Round ears.

Any Elf: Rabbit ears.


Gimme some good ones, Loverslab!  Especially for Imperials and Altmer, I seriously have nothing for them.

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Guest Mogie56

Wood Elf = Short Cannibals

High Elves = Magic users, Main force of Thalmor

Khajiit = Fine Rug

Imperials = Milkdrinkers

Anyone = Snow Berries = meaning "Little or Small Balls"

usually said by a Nord.



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Imperial :  City slicker,  King lover, (I would think anything making fun of them being from the city, or not knowing how to handle themselves in the real wild.)


High Elf : snotty elf, better than thou, high and mighty, scarecrow (aren't they tall, lanky and gold skinned, think they are better than others?)


hope that helps some

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Considering how those things are usually based on behaviour and appearance stereotypes (and non-too witty wit), how about these:


Imperials: Slaveheart, ThalWhore (for their concessions to end the Great War); Cyrodicks

High Elves: Bumstick, Haughtyborn, Pissface ('golden' skin and eyes ...)

Wood Elves: Skeever-Ear

Redguard: Wormlip, Shitface

Breton: Scummoner (after all, those half-breed weasels are all born Conjurors, right?)

Argonian: Bootleather

Khajiit: Dogfeed


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I always liked Knife Ears for elves.




- Altmers: Tall sticks (height), touch me not, and scrotums (because they're old wrinkled meat bags)



They do look old, yet the old age look shouldn't hit an Altmer until they are like 600 years old... Lazy Bethesda!

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