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  1. Sorry to hear that. *scratches head* Not much I can say since I didn't port the SSE version. Still works fine for me. CTD at startup usually means a missing master. FWB_SexLabDispariry.esp only has Skyrim.esm and SexLab.esm as masters, so if you've got those installed and active ... I stand aghast at the joys of Skyrim modding again. 😬
  2. Does the PC lose submission score if she calls the owner something like "Honeybum", "Peaches" or "Doll" with that new feature? 😝
  3. It's a custom spanking animation pack that allows the devious follower to spank the player character in this mod. You can find it in the download section along with the other mod files.
  4. ^I'd assume actually suspecting contraband and wanting to do something about it is one of the lesser of the guards' interests in these situations. 😉
  5. Time to watch Highlander again. Loved Connery in that role. Fuck, time to watch a bunch of movies with him again, actually.
  6. So who gets this, then?
  7. I was under the impression that controversy was requested. I'll leave the specifics to you.
  8. ^I suggest you pick the SE version from the download section.
  9. Try these. SSE DF Spank SLAL mini-pack - 20200623-0.7z
  10. Just delete that .dll from the SKSE/Plugin path in your SSE folder. It's wrongly been packaged into the archive repeatedly, and it has become something like a running gag that Pfiffy forgets to NOT package it again when he next updates the conversion. 😜 So - nothing wrong with your install. However, you could have found that by reading the recent thread pages, because this questions pops up more often than draugr in a nordic ruin. That's also why MMG has become a tad grumpy whenever the setvehiclefixedplugin.dll-question reincarnates here AGAIN.
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