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White Butterfly Outfit

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  • 2 weeks later...

Very nice outfit' date=' I like it very much.

Any chance of some color options ?

Nothing drastic, but maybe some black and/or red mix's :)

And finally, make this a standalone and it would be perfect IMO.


In any case, this is an instant DL for me.

Much appreciated.



If you don't use the Airy armor dress (I liked the other Airy bits, but the dress itself was.... meh. And the boots were too basic), you can do what I did.


Rename the meshes from this set to match the names of the meshes from the Airy armor and boots, copy over to the Airy folder (overwriting the original), and Voila! Standalone. LOL :)




Nausicaa's bracelet lines up perfectly at the top of the Airy gloves, with no clipping issues ;)

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@ Trykz

Never even crossed my mind to do that so I thank you big time.

I really like this outfit and now, thanks to you, I am about to enjoy it the way I want it :)

Thanks a bunch !


And I will remember the bracelet tip....but if anyone can point me to this particular mod for Nausicaa's bracelet, I would be grateful for the assist.


@ Vitriks, lol, thanks for the cookie & this wonderful outfit :)


Regards to all.



Frackin sweet, I got it in game as an Airy replcer armor, again thanks for the tip... I love this sexy ass outfit.

Would love to see the author expand on this one for sure, like color the laces on the boots black for example...and though I have now got it in game thanks to the above tip, I'd still love to see this as it's own full fledged mod...it's just that sweet looking...YUMMY :)

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