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CTD on animation start for Radiant Prostitution tweaked

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Game ran fine with SexLab, Defeat, Devious Captors, Prison Overhaul, Lovers Victim, etc.


As soon as I added Radiant Prostitution (tweaked) I started getting CTD's with no error message. At first it was when I stepped outside of a tavern. I installed SSME to increase the memory cache size at start up, and that problem has been solved.


Now the game CTD's whenever I start an animation with a client (or RIGHT in the "strip" phase).


I have attached the Papyrus log. I don't know how to read it, and I am not an experienced modder. Please be patient with me, and understand that you're going to need to give me any solutions (or follow on questions) in "captain dummy talk."

Thanks in advance!

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(Sorry again)


This may help narrow it down. Defeat and Prison Overhaul still work without any issues.


But Lover's Victim and Radiant Prostitution both CTD when initiating an animation.


I am using SexLab Framework 1.58b and ZazAnimation V0553.

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Mine will lock up sometimes with a runtime error while engaging a client. Frustrating as hell. Runtime errors are a scripting error according to Microsoft. This is the only mod I have trouble with that problem. Why, I don't know. FNIS Generator says a couple animations are missing for me and maybe that is why, using something I don't have. 

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