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HDT Bodies w/ Butt bounce?


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finally trying HDT and love it. but i've added tons of different body meshes over time. like i have mods that give different races separate meshes, a bunch of standalone followers w/ different bodies ect. so i'm looking for a good variety of meshes that will work w/ hdt breast AND butt.

i've found CBBE, but i'm still looking for a good UNPB (w/ natural boobs hopefully). and also some more lesser known ones too, like Rebirth, Pandora, CNF ect.


so if ya know of pretty much any body that works well w/ hdt...let me know. thanks!

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yep unpb usually is natural. i was referring to a newer version of Blessed over at nexus. xp32 gave it the "perky high nipple" boobs that're getting oddly popular. there is a "natural" version but with NO butt support.

and for bodyslide, i was hoping to avoid learning that at this time. i just don't have time. there's gotta be some hdt boob n butt unpb meshes out there surely?

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