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Changing vampire appearance with showracememu

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I know that you can use the console command showracemenu if you only change the appearance for the normal races without consequence.


My question is can you do the same after you become a vampire lord (just changing appearance, not race).



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I've done it before, but it can be a little hit and miss. The game really doesn't seem to like you changing things when you're a vampire (even a normal vampire, not a lord.) I found that any changes I made (especially hairstyle) would revert back the next time I readied weapons or went through a load screen. The only way to make the changes stick was to save the game straight after making them, quit the game completely and then reload.


Never had a problem with not changing back to normal after a cure, but maybe I only changed things like hair and makeup, no structural stuff.

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Well depends, is this for screen shots or for a REAL play through?


You can make a non vampire NPC that has vampire eyes and fangs! That way the face stays the same... Can give it vampire abilities so in effect it is, but that is for an NPC. You just use a NifMerge tool to move the vampire fangs and eyes onto the non vampire NPC. Also good to swap out hair!


As for PC? I have yet to find one that doesn't mess something up!

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If you;re using belua sanguinare as long as you make the changes while in human form it'll stick. if you accidentally do it while in vampire form the next time you switch back you'll still have vampire eyes but you can just go back into race menu and change it back and after that everything's good.

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That could be an issue I've been having.  Trying to adjust my character a bit to increase height, and my hair changes to the first apachii one on the list.  When I try to change it back, my eyebrows disappear.  Sigh.  Really weird, so I'm having to live with the wrong hair so I have eyebrows.  :P

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To make changes to your vampire character and make them stay first change your race to your non vampire race using the setrace command  example: 'nordracevampire change to nordrace'. Then you can open the racemenu and make your changes. When you are done change your character's race back to a vampire the same way. Make sure you change your race back to vampire as you will lose the basic abilities as long as it is set to non vampire.

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