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what's causing this? (version 2, happened again and I've no idea why)

Monsto Brukes

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Bodyslide body, both meshes generated in the same batch. I'm not sure when it happened as I first noticed it a couple weeks ago.


So. . . normal juggs.

Flat juggs... like she's layin on her back.




XPMSE 2 (june 28)

Ran FNIS (never had a reason to run it before but I did so just cuz)

Bodyslide 2 body generated in batch with the outfits.


Bodyslide body, both meshes generated in the same batch as the outfit. _0 and _1 show same behaviour. I'm not sure when it happened as I first noticed it a couple weeks ago. I'm not ruling anything out, but I'm reasonably sure (78%) that it's not the bodyslide build as I've rebuilt it using the same preset . . . unless I used the wrong source body (HDT CBBE Bodyslide).

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When you use XPMSE 2.0 alpha don't use the HDT body by Blabba because it's weighted for xp32 TBBP breast bone positions. Use the one from CT77 it's weighted for default TBBP.


Which one is CT77s?


Is that Caliente Body Advanced HDT?


[edit] yep. thanks.


So when using Bodyslide, use XPMSE 2 with CalienteBodyAdvanced HDT body. Without XPMSE 2, use HDT CBBE Bodyslide body.

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wait a second . . . I just came across this problem again.


in bodyslide, i've been using the body showing as "CT77 body". Today I rebuilt my collection and I'm getting this flat thing again. I've been using CT77 Body for quite a while. 


I never was quite sure if I had it right . . . so, do what now?

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this is frustrating. i have no idea what happened.


Used CT77 Body for the base body.

CT77 outfits build properly. breast shape doesn't change when equipping.

Tera Armors do not build properly. breast shape flattens when equipping.


Everything was copacetic a couple days ago. How do I fix this?


[edit] Actually, i just realized that this is the exact opposite of the original problem I had.

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