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LL wont let me add profile information


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just made my account and cant add any profile information I go to the settings right were it says it should be in the help but there are no buttons above change password where the edit profile information should be, is there something I need to do before I can do that or a time delay or something?

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Thanks, I was getting annoyed. And wondering if I had done something wrong on creation. I would have loved it to have had a popup box that tells you, you are in a trial account. To unlock additional user material, you must post x number of times. I spent awhile trying to look up why I could not, and was being sent to conversations on mods instead of the reason I could not post. But thank you, now I can solve this. ^.^

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On the topic of "noobs on LL" does anyone else get tons of page views from people with no posts or views of their own? last week, a dozen faceless new people visited my page. it was kinda interesting. 


also, If you guys are looking to up your post count, just make some useful comment on some HOT threads. Just dont spam stuff. 

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Guest endgameaddiction

If you are referring to the view count, the count works for anonymous lurkers too. I wouldn't be surprised if it was from bots. They like to creep into your PMs and spam away. Well, from a few I've seen had the bad experience. Viewing it yourself over and over doesn't add to the counter.




btw Welcome to LL, Shinratsuna and Uhkavii.

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