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Dragon Intermission possible ?


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   I am trying to do some side quest's, and I have enough dragon soul's to do anything I need to for a long time. Killing them is not a big deal.



What I was wondering is there a safe way or mod that will shut down the dragon attacks until I am ready for them. 


It is just that I am trying to do little side quest's and things that sometimes do not have imortal contacts, and I have had the dragon's wipe out whole settlements before I could kill them. Thus destroying my chance of finishing that quest for at least 3 to 10 day's, and that only if the quest maker thought to make them respawn, And even that can be glitchy if the start of quest only activated there dialog once.


Often these are downloaded mods I am having some fun with until the dragon wipe's out one of the quest needed NPC.


   I would just like to be able to turn them off for a while, and then re-activet them possibly latter on when I am ready to continue the main story.


I have not played this game in over 2 years, and I have not been keeping up with things, I am sorry if this is a common knowledge question I am asking.





Never Mind I figured out how to shut the anoying bastard's down.. I am so happy

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