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Animation Problem with Sanguine's Debauchery (SD+)


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Hello Guys!

So I just managed to get Sanguine's Debauchery to run. Everything works, but when my character is captured and used for sex, it only plays the "Zyn Doggystyle" animation. I can't change or toggle through, it's only that. It's even worse when I play with a male and get captured by a female, because I always have to equip her a strapon or SOS before it makes sense. :/

I checked my FNIS status and updated multiple times just to make sure. I repacked SD+. Now I don't know what else I could do to fix this.
Or is it maybe intented to only play this single animation? In that case, I would like to know where I can add animation entries manually.

Thanks for reading.

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SD tries to select the right keywords for a sex animation based on what our character is wearing and also based on gender restrictions.


Can you give some details about that? what kind of restraints is your character wearing? what value did you select in SD for gender restrictions?

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Thank you again for your quick response. Upvoted both your posts so far. :P

So, I found out there may be one or two things not alright with my Setup.

What I think is the problem: I set DD up so I would be normally hand-bound + leg-cuffed. SD+ might have a problem finding fitting animations for this state. I also found that I had installed, but not activated the Zaz Animation Pack. The biggest issue though might have been the Sex Animation Filter of Devious Devices. It was set to strictly aggressive the whole time. Since I had turned that off, everything worked just fine.

You helped me here big time. Issue resolved. :D

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