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    Gore (not sexual), bodybuilding, weapons, hightech, big gurls, rape sims, metalwork, sound engineering, cosplaying, media cutting and of course MODDING(!)
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    Narcissistic social recluse who enjoys life as his own stage at his own pace. Still, I have less trouble socializing than most people and I think of myself as a relatively swell and funny dood. Franku is my mane.

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  1. Yeah. Only good bodies are UUNP and TBD both with HDT SMP. The rest are simply inferior and should have no time wasted on them AFAIC.
  2. Generally a very nice mod idea, but some dialogue is either really pathetic, cringe, or downright suicidal. When I play my towering amazon and see a whimpy guard saying stuff like 'I can fuck you up if I want to' I take the 1000 gold fee to murder him on the spot. Also I disabled rape because there is no resist options like in Defeat. Probably you could implement Defeat into the mod. Maybe add an intimidation slider or stat-scan aswell that deters them from talking like that. When someone threatens a woman with violence or rape inside of a city or generally witnesses around, that someone will have a really bad time. Which gives me another idea to it. Make NPCs who take it too far fight over you or have them arrested, then hunt you down when they get out. Also female approaches are really lacking. Especially when playing Futa. Other than that I like how this mod works and hope you take my constructive criticism well. Also looking forward to planned features.
  3. Crap mod, doesn't detect anything. Using BeeingFemale, FillHerUp, Devious Butt
  4. This would be perfect if there was an on/off toggle in the MCM
  5. ur cool for ur avatar

  6. You'd think this is obvious. But people just can't be a normal, social and assertive human being.
  7. Why do russians always feel compelled not to use english and pretend the whole world copes with their badly understandable letters & language?
  8. Version 1.0


    So I occasionally use an older MO profile on which I play a tall strong demoness futa with a giant ERF Horsecock :> When cum-distorting bellies of people unlucky enough to fight her, the modest spurt sound was kind of a let-down and didn't really fit in with people being pumped with buckets of demon cum. So I created this simple little mod from various sound effects I gathered on the webs and I am quite pleased with it and think it's good enough to show and share. !!!Installation!!! People have been saying MO will install this just fine, so you actually won't have to install the sounds manually. So there's that. Replaces the 2 standard sounds with longer, kinda brutal sounds. Hope you like it!
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