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  1. Yeah. Only good bodies are UUNP and TBD both with HDT SMP. The rest are simply inferior and should have no time wasted on them AFAIC.
  2. Generally a very nice mod idea, but some dialogue is either really pathetic, cringe, or downright suicidal. When I play my towering amazon and see a whimpy guard saying stuff like 'I can fuck you up if I want to' I take the 1000 gold fee to murder him on the spot. Also I disabled rape because there is no resist options like in Defeat. Probably you could implement Defeat into the mod. Maybe add an intimidation slider or stat-scan aswell that deters them from talking like that. When someone threatens a woman with violence or rape inside of a city or generally witnesses around, that someone
  3. Crap mod, doesn't detect anything. Using BeeingFemale, FillHerUp, Devious Butt
  4. This would be perfect if there was an on/off toggle in the MCM
  5. Sooo... the 'Abandoned' bit of the mod is very unclear. No shit am I using SSE and CBBE / UUNP SE. But the question is: Has anyone picked this up for SE or not. Sounds vague and confusing and I think I am not the only one who wants to know. Because this is a good mod one would want to have back in SE.
  6. this needs SE update badly i need to use it again!
  7. currently trying to convert this, wish me luck. getting a lot of errors already :S
  8. This is one of the best if not THE best elven race mod for Skyrim, been enjoying it so much on Oldrim. Now that I am finally transitioning to SE I see that this mod seems to not have been updated for it. Does it still work? Can anyone port it? Pleeease...
  9. ur cool for ur avatar

  10. I love when small farts slip by the plug ❤️ Anyways, does this work safe for SSE? I wanna use it badly :S
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