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Playboy: The Mansion - High Res Textures?


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Ok, before anyone asks, yes I know it is both and old game and one that wast never known for its stunning graphics to begin with. That being said, I dug this game out of the basket and started playing it again. I have found a few mods that do things like add additional outfits to the game. These are mainly ports of outfits from the Private Party expansion to the main vanilla game but there are some others. What I have noticed about these mods are that they usually contain 2 types of files. One being a TGA image file and the second being a CAM file. Now I like tga's because that means they can be edited. Or so I thought.


But I get ahead of myself. My question is if anyone knows if the game can support boosted, higher resolution textures. Or has anyone seen texture packs that are high res. 


I have been messing with the TGA images and the game is pretty particular about its image formats. I use Photoshop CS6 and InfranView as my two applications for texture editing. InfranView gives me a lot of useful information on the original textures, mainly their size, color depth and the amount of unique colors. So far it looks like the vanilla textures other than being low res also only have around 56 unique colors in each image. My problem is that if I go messin with the images in photoshop I always end up with a file that has more unique colors, usually around 100 or so. This means that in the game the texture shows up as a corrupted oil-on-water-rainbow look. So I don't know if that is a limitation of Photoshop or my skills. I can use InfranView itself to increase the size of the textures but that results in cyan model with no texture in game. Actually even if this method worked I don't see the point as I still cannot edit the images. 


Does anyone know a way around this or am I just uselessly bashing my head against the proverbial wall with this idea?

The cam files I don't even know if I can edit. I have heard/read that edits done to cam files were done using hex editors but that is out of my league. Does anyone know how to edit these files in a more user-friendly manner?
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