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TTW - Mojave DC Makeover

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TTW Mojave DC Makeover


Prettifies some FO3 NPC's using Mojave Delight resources.



  1. TTW
  2. Mojave Delight Resources only. The esp is NOT required!
  3. A Type3 compatible body. Such as this, or TypeN. Anything that has Type3 compatible textures.


  • What about TTW - Fallout 3 Redesigned? Doesn't that do the same thing?
    That covers a lot more NPC's than mine, however: I handle a lot of NPC's not touched by FO3 Redesigned. (I modified a lot of the DLC NPCs for instance.) I use both together myself. Just pick which you prefer to take precedence and either load mine last or FO3 Redesigned.
  • So if the other one exists why update this?
    Any further updates to this will be NPC's not covered by FO3 Redesigned. Chiefly DLC NPCs primarily.

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
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  • Requires
    TTW, Mojave Delight, Type3 Compatible Body


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  • 2 weeks later...

Downloaded this and nicked a few of your edits to merge into my custom TTW npc overhaul.

Looks great on the whole. Though I'm not such a big fan of the MD eyes. The whites are too, well, white.

They're brilliant white. Makes the npc's look strange. I use things like soulful eye hirez replacer for myself.


You were right though you made some good changes to some npc's I never even thought about before. Kudos!

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I mainly like the purple eyes myself. But then, if I really let myself go, I'd make all the eyes bright colors and they'd glow and probably sparkle somehow. (I really belong modding for a fantasy setting!) :angel:

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  • 1 month later...

If it is, I've never CTD'd yet and I have several mods that use the Mojave Delight resources in the same way.


I can't see why a custom race would CTD unless someone is incorrectly trying to use the Mojave Delight esp as a master. Even then it's still possible but you have to edit your esp via FNVEdit. The GECK will fry any esp that is set as a master when you save. Then THAT would CTD if you tried to you use it in game. As this mod is esm there is no way I could use Mojave Delight's esp as a master anyway. That's why only the Mojave Delight resources are required, not the esp.


Anyway, that's a long way of saying: no. :angel:

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It's a thing with custom races in general. It CTD when Player chooses both eyes and hair in the same time when they custom themselves in ShowRaceMenu, they should do it in two different moments. There's no risk for NPCs.

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Guest endgameaddiction

You have to choose the eyes before putting a custom hair on to avoid the CTD. It is very rare having a custom hair and changing eyes without CTD.

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Oooh. So if it's the player using a custom race it CTD's? That's stupid. :lol: :lol: I don't use custom races when I play so that must be why I've never run into that. (I use Ling's something or other for my player character.)


Anyway, this mod would have no trouble with that. None of the NPC races I created can be used by the player. :shy:

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Guest endgameaddiction

These are a huge improvement. Gread job, Nessa.


I had to see those vanilla faces. x.x Nadine... no, what was Beth thinking! I mean I know this is the wasteland, but that is just crucial. I was like " I can't wait to rescue this Nadine chick." When I saw her I literally replicated her face in disgust. heh

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  • 5 months later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 1 year later...

@ Yosyp; charliemc


It would appear Mojave Delighted changes the eye mesh. That's why the textures go bonkers. Not sure if I'll update for that one yet. I'll put it down on the list of things to maybe do. blush.gif




OK, what the heck happened to FO3 TTW Redesigned!??? Did somebody move it or has it vanished into the ether? (I leave for awhile and everything goes missing... undecided.gif ) If it has vanished I may look at updating this mod significantly. Can't have ugly NPCs in TTW! angry.gif


EDIT: Whoa! Just noticed the nails for Delighted. OK, when I get around to it I'll have a look at updating everything. cool.gif

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