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Another Hand texture problem


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Hi guys I'm new to this forum and I hope that I put this on the right place. OK to start off I was messing around with a custom race (succubus race).

Was replacing the meshes to get the body I wanted. Got everything working including HDT and collision then I tried to play with the textures. Almost everything went well except for the hand texture. It doesn't match the body. I used Calientes text blend because she had a neck seem prob but was fixed. Problem is the mod is still using the old hand textures which should have been replaced. Tried copying the ones from the "female" textures folder but didn't work. Been reading around the site seems that I'm not the only one with this kind of problem. Any help or a point to the right direction would be very much appreciated


P.S. This was a combination of  Succubus race + CBBE Manga Body + CBBE Female Texture Replacer + Sporty Sexy Sweat (I think the sweat part was the culprit to this just cant get my head around it though). Everything's working except for those damned hands! X_X


Ninja Edit: Oh yeah all the vanilla races are fine its just the Succubus Race hands....

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I'm not familiar with the Succubus mod myself but you're right: it looks like the hand NIF is pointing to a vanilla texture when it should be using a custom one.


You can load up the femalehands_0.nif for the succubus in NifScope and locate the texture set which will show the paths for the files. If these are pointing to vanilla textures then update them to the succubus texture locations (naturally make backups in case something goes awry).

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Dang after a few days of playing with nif and texture files Its a bust! Changed the texture paths but to no avail. The moment I add CBBE texture replacer her hands start to show a slight difference in color. The change is more noticeable with the addition of the sexy sweat. Its only the hands that stay different. Well at least she still looks good with the manga body plus her vanilla textures. Any other suggestions guys? :-/

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Hrmmmm.  The .esp for the race could be set to swap textures with specific ones (that would explain why the textures on the nif are pointed to something different than what was actually included in the mod).. but.. so long as the replacement textures are named exactly the same as the original and installed in exactly the right directory, I don't know that that would really do anything.  Have you tried unpacking and removing the .bsa (assuming it came with a .bsa that is)?

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Thanks for the reply. Actually I think the hand textures stay on default (the vanilla succubus skin) It doesn't change at all. And yeah I put the textures with the exact same names on the mods' texture folder, everything else works except for the hands. Lastly the only bsa file that the mods has is racecompatibility.bsa and how could I check the .esp?

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Open up the .esp in the creation kit (set as active file so you can see the * where the mod makes changes).  In the Object Window, find the miscellaneous section and look at the TextureSets.  Assuming the mod author kept to Bethesda's naming conventions, there's probably something called SkinHandFemaleSuccubus or something like that.  Opening that and looking at the texture paths will tell you which textures the game is using for your hands.


If you can't find the textureset, look under Items -> ArmorAddon and see if you can find an entry for NakedHandsSuccubus (again assuming the author kept to the naming conventions).  Opening that up and looking at the "SKin Texture" setting for the female model (lower left of the window) will tell you which TextureSet it uses (so you can go back to the miscellaneous -> textureset to find it).

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