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Climates of Tamriel or Pure Weather?

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I'll try to keep this simple.  I'm starting yet another new game and am looking at swapping out some mods.  I've used CoT for a while now and am mostly happy with it.  From what I understand based on a few YouTube reviews, Pure Weather has alot going for it also though. 


So which one gets the best reults, and which one is lighter on system resources?  The second part is important because I'm running on a PNY Nvidia GTS250.  High end (XCellerate) version with one gig of VRAM, but it's still an older card.  The fact that CoT takes up 5 slots on my Mod List kind of irks me too, which is why I'm pondering a change.

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You could merge CoT - Sounds + DLC Addons into a single plugin which makes it only need two slots anymore. I haven't tried Pure Weather, but afaik most mods do support CoT (like ELFX, Supreme Storms) and most ENB's are tailored to look best with CoT.

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I suppose most people who are happy with CoT use some sort of ENB. Well, I don't, and with CoT grass and trees look terrible due to the change in lighting. Pure Weather is okay, except there's a slight blue tint in its lighting which I dislike. Again, with ENB, your experiences may differ. Some older version of RCRN was the only weather mod I was happy with.

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