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Actor Roles in Sex Anim

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one of the threesome anims keep switching actor roles. I am trying to have my companion in the middle position but her place keeps being taken by another male actor. It looks weird. When I tell my companion that she is the one "receiving" it switches to a different anim. Is there anyway I can get this threesome position with two males standing next to my companion in the middle? I don't know the anim#, but I attached a picture of the console inventory that supposedly has the counter? 




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Sexout Sex lets Sexout randomly pick an anim.  If you want to select the anim on your own, there's a link to the Bangatron! in my signature.  FWIW, there aren't currently any FFM anims.  Amra is working on some.  In the meanwhile, there are strap-ons.


Sexout Sex should give you the option to tell who it is to fuck/ receive where.  Talk to both partners to set it.  If you're using Sexout Sex Lite, I don't know if threesomes are in there.


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Thanks, I'll check out "Bangatron!". I do use sexout sex lite. it claims that it has threesomes as long as you tweak its MCM settings. 


I don't want strap-ons. I want the girl to be receiving rather than the guy. If I tell the girl to be the receiving one, it switches to the "sandwich" animation. But I don't want the "sandwich" animation. I like the "seesaw" one like in the first pic. (anim#5201) 

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