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  1. Does anyone know how to make Vilja look like this? Can't find it in the downloads.
  2. I was always looking for an orc voice mod for lovers pk. i use flussy's better orcs(the new one or whatever), and it just seems out of place to give the orc such high pitch or overly feminine moans. this will be interesting.
  3. By request, i have created a full version of the set included with both normal and rape sound files. Enjoy
  4. Using audacity i played around with audio fx and created a set of sounds for a demon girl/succubus. I only did the normal sounds not the rape sounds as i don't use rape mods. However, if further requested i may finish the rape sounds as well. I present this new soundpack L EFFECT SOUNDSET FULL VER. (Lovers PK) 1.0.zip
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