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[Idea] Home Invasion


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I got tired of having my PC get banged by everything with a pulse, well atleast having the chance of having that happen - so, I made a new toon, a former legionnaire who got tired of humping around the Skyrim border and started raping women. Obviously he got caught and got sent to Helgen for a beheading. But oh wait, a dragon frees him inadvertantly and the rapedays are on again.


Hadvar's sister-in-law looks like a fine piece of ass, but unfortunately Submit decides to not play ball and it takes several consensual acts and a bit of coin to change her disposition for rape. Uh ok.


Meanwhile, Hadvar and Alvor continue on with their daily lives like nothing's wrong. Plus there's no bounty either. What's wrong with you people?



So I had an idea for a mod - Home Invasion. Quick blurb - possibly some kind of hold rape reputation system. If you're a 'renowned' rapist and trespass you'll get an instant bounty if the NPC's are aware of your presence. Otherwise, you start off with combat mode where you blackjack anyone awake, followed by integration with ZAP or DD where you tie up NPC's and then proceed to rape. If you're still around by morning or 8 am business hours, a guard will start to wonder what's up, and if you're caught you're looking at a massive bounty. If you're out before that, you're still looking at a bounty - unless you kill the possible husband and/or intimidate your victims? Killing a spouse will give a massive intimdation bonus. Because hey. That said, you're still going to raise an infamy counter and pretty soon you'll have the entire legion after you.


Sound retarded? Not a mod I'm particularly interested in pursuing actually, but quickly LARPing I noticed that damn vanilla home rape is pretty immersion breaking. And there aren't actually any more elaborate mods where the PC is the aggressor.

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Sexlab Defeat Mod already has a crime system for rape.  I'm exploiting that as a brigand at the moment to become the most hated man in the province (well, that's the goal).  As for trespass, it's already a crime in Vanilla - the level of bounty for other crimes already tracks your reputation and how the guards react.  If you're notorious enough they'll come hard after you even when you trespass.  My guess is if you commit enough sex crimes in defeat, you'll become wanted enough for trespass to be a big offense.  In fact you'll become so wanted you're not welcome in any city.

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