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Fallout 3 Sexout?


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Your only option there is to run Fallout 3 through Tale of Two Wastelands. There are tons of TTW options for Sexout now.


The reason you're not going to see Sexout for Fallout 3 is because NVSE is much more advanced than FOSE, and Sexout uses many of those advanced features.


Also, you'd know without posting this thread had you looked. This question ccomes up every couple weeks.

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Does Sexout work for Fallout 3? :3


Actually haha, I had looked on a website about this topic and apparently there are some people in the works trying to convert something similar for FO3. Though I don't remember exactly, and I don't think they have a time schedule or release date set. Obviously. TTW, does that require a clean install? That would suck, I hope I can just deactivate and move plugins/nvse plugins.

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