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Mod which allow to turn on any sex animation from SexLab


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Open SexLab menu and then you will have line Toggle animations. Click on it and you will get all animations listed. by default, animations are all enabled in toggle view. When press toggle view on the top, you will have three more where you can select all: Foreplay animations, Aggressive animations and creature animations.

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The "Sexlab Matchmaker" plugin seems to not be random anymore (which is great for me).   So that's a nice way for you to flip through the animations until you find the "sweet " one.  Just keep pressing "O".



To make it more efficient, do like the others said above, use the MCM of SexLab to disable the animations you already know you don't like. (To know the name of the animation that is currently playing, simply open the console window *the button to the left of number 1*)



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Ok guys. Thanks for informations and sorry for stupid questions :( I don't know much in this thread.



EDIT. I have problem. "O" key is not working for me. When I'm pressing "O" animation isn't changing. 


"O" is the standard key in SexLab for switching animations.


Maybe you changed it in the past and forgot about it.


You can set the key to whatever you like in the MCM of SexLab.

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