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Best Oblivion Quality Enhancement Mods??


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Well, depends on what you like. There are plenty of options:

1. Xeo (this is a vanilla replacer)

2. MBP (this doesn't not replace - you can use it for PC's only or get mods that will use it).

3. Tons of others at the nexus but the above two are the most popular and they will work at the same time.


Link to read more: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=13

Link to download MBP: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3812


Link to Xeo will be hard to find for a bit since megaupload went down.

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Oblivion characters that look better than Skyrim ones? IMO you don't need any mods for that but that may be down to taste. Like gregathit says, MBP + xeo is probably the easiest choice, so long as you keep it to that. If you try to use other mods beside it, there's a good chance they'll not work right because MBP replaces your vanilla eye meshes. But there's ways to work around that when it comes up.

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thanks for the info ill try looking for xeo coz i already have the MBP

if you guys know where i might get a xeo pls feel free to tell me :3


by the way i downloaded this from elderscroll somthin planet somethin


is this the xeo i should be installing?? coz coz theres like a butt load of emm even have this

XEO2-20112 i dun really know where i got this but im confused as to what it is

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If you already have MBP then you really want XEOSP 1 and XeoSP++.

XeoSP 1: http://www.gamefront.com/files/17029523/XEOSP_1.0.7z

XeoSP++: http://115.com/file/bwnxwec6


See post 401 for more info: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=13&page=41


the xeosp++ doesnt have a download button or am i missing it coz last time i downloaded from 115.com there was a red button beside the green and blue one


nvm i just figured out that i need to register all though its the 1st time this happened



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the xeosp++ anyone else has a better link to it coZ ive been downloading it since this morning and its barely 20%


I don't, hell I thought it was lucky to find the one :(

With all the mess with the fire sharing sites it may be a bit before another link goes up.


I will keep looking.

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ok i has question the instruction says to do this

7)Install textures/meshes update from 17.05.2011 : megaupload

8)Install one of these xeosp++.esp files (and textures/meshes if you install modified english version):


i has no clue what these are and where to find them


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