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Redguard Face???

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OK, lets see if anybody has an idea here.


I have a weird, minor glitch with the last few installs of Skyrim.  That being that my game will occasionally get a random graphics hiccup and my player character's face tone only will darken considerably.  It's not black, nor pixelated (though that has happened once or twice), it just dakens to about the level of a medium complexion Redguard character.  Mine's a Breton BTW.


It's easily fixed by opening up the race menu via console command.  I don't even have to do anything at that point, it just fixes itself.  Select name, and save and I'm good to go for a while.


Not sure if it's the ENB antifreeze program glitching on me, or if it's a mod conflict with the long list of character creation mods I use:


> RaceMenu

> RaceMenu Plugin

> RaceMenu Overlay Compilation

> RaceMenu Nails

> KJ Tattoos

> WyldMenuPlugFemale  (WyldTats Warpaint Edition)

> WyldTatsPlugMale

> Ethereal Elven Overhaul

> The Eyes of Beauty

> TEOB Elven Edition

I also have the plug in that applies TEOB to NPCs but that doesn't show as a mod in my Data Files list

> Brows

> Apachii Skyhair

> Apachii Skyhiar Extra Female Styles.


I'm also using a 7B body with SG Textures and the modified XP32 Skele hosted here.


That of course is also only a partial list of mods, but it's all the ones on my insanely long list that effect my character's face directly.


So anybody have an idea, or know if one of the mods I'm using is known to cause glitches like this?   O_o


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Thanks Rebel.  Forgetting a pic to accompany the problem is what happens when I'm up too late and make a post right before bed, lol.


ANYHOO, here's a face shot.  It only affects the head and it not only seems to change her complexion, but remove her war paint.  Again, it's all instantly fixed as soon as I open the Race Menu.







And AFTER the effect hits:





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