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help! Children are gone and with a mod only floating heads


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So I have modded my game quite heavily. Now I built a house and was thinking about adoping a kid when I noticed: I have yet to see a kid! They were ALL gone! added tk Children and they were back, only floating heads now. Added dovakinder (clothing mod) and they have clothes now too, but they have no hands or feet. Dont know what causes this.



Could anyone help me? Couldn't find anything on the internet.




REal Wildlife
Nordic Ranger Outfit
Skyjubs invisible Helmets
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim
Left Hand Rings
UNP Jewelry Variants
Dragon Combat Overhaul
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Alternate Start
Hunting in Skyrim
Lovely Hairstyles
Pretty FAce
The Eyes of Beauty
Enhand Lights and FX
Harvest Overhaul
RaceCompatibility with fixes
Better Males
Inhabitants of Skyrim NPC overhaul
No more blocky faces
SG Female textures renewal
Skyrim flora overhaul
die ganze 2K textures reihe
Tamriel REloaded
Deadly Dragons
Die unofficial patches
Ningheim Race
Enhanced Blood Textures
Glowing Ores
Scoped Bows


Hunter and Ranger crafting


Possibley a few mods missing, but none of them major and this problem was around before their addition


Turned off skyrim NPC overhaul didn't change anything

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That's.. strange.  If they were missing textures, you'd still see the mesh but it would be bluish purple.  If you were missing a mesh you'd see a great big red and yellow <!> floating where the child should be.  It sounds to me like something is changing the default children, but maybe not the hearthfires children (since you saw a couple in the orphanage).  Typically when I encounter something invisible like that it's because the game is telling someone to equip an item to a certain slot, only the mesh tells the game it's not visible on that particular slot (for example: game saying to equip it to slot 41 but mesh says it's only visible on slot 42) or the clothing/bodyparts were never assigned a mesh in the first place.  I'd first run LOOT and see if that sorts out anything with the load order, and then I'd go through and disable any mod that alters NPCs.  And then I would just keep disabling mods until the kids show up again. =\


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