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Changing Path of 1st-Person Skeleton - Is it Possible?

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The one problem when using a short (custom) race is that the 1st-person camera will change to adult height after using the forge.  This can happen when using enchantment and alchemy table, but mostly with the forge.


I would like to test the possibility that changing the path to the 1st-person skeleton for the custom race will prevent the game from altering the camera height when executing certain animations.


This is the path used by the game.



I would like to have the race use,



Does anyone know which record(s) governs the 1st-person camera or even shed some light as to whether something like what I'm trying to do is possible.





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The path to the 1st person is a game setting (looked it up one time don't ask me of the ID, don't know it anymore), didn't test it if an esp with game setting and a new path works. Looked it up for a way to easify the 1st person skeleton female/male switching. TES5Edit => Skyrim.esm => Game Setting => look it through

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Found it, thank you for your help.  I can't find it in CK and the only way to edit the path is in TES5edit which will modify Skyrim.esm, something I don't want to do.  I'll find a way to add the edit to the race's master file.



Found in CK where I can change the file path...and was able to save the changes to the race's master file.

Did a quick test at the forge and the 1stperson camera still reverts to adult height so need to find a fix.



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