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Crash after blue screen


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I specify in advance that I dotn' write English easily, I use a translator. 


I was playing Skyrim when I suddenly had a "blue screen" (the first time i have a blue screen on this pc. Since i  haven't more). Reboot the pc ... 

Skyrim not launching more. 

A system restore has not changed. 

I tried without SKSE, it works, but naturally without mods. 

When I install Papyrusutilv23, the game starts. But the game crashes when loading a new game or a saved game. 

When I remove papyrusutilv23 to uninstall Sexlab Framework, and I reinstall Sexlab Framework (papyrus is included, if I'm not mistaken), it does not always work. 

Naturally I use FNIS between each manipulation. 

I use Wyre Bash also.

I play skyrim for a long time, and I've never had a problem ever since :( not so great problem. 


Does anyone has some idea? a manipulation that I can use for my game?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,


if it works without SKSE then it must be a problem in the SKSE plugins directory, maybe the system restore copied something wrongly.


if you use Sexlab then you have atleast mfgconsole.dll (for facial expressions) and storageutil.dll (for saving configs)


try first to remove all the DLL files in the SKSE plugins directory, then, one by one, copy them back in to the directory until you isolate the problem DLL


also, please post a list of mods you use... easiest way to do this is to open wrye bash, right-click on the header of the file column above your list of mods and select 'List Mods'.


copy/paste that list in the popup window into a forum post so we can see which mods might be causing problems.

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Thank you very much for the comprehensive and quickly answer. 
I made handling with DLL. The only one that does not pass is "StorageUtil.dll." An error in the game is telling me that I must install "PapyrusUtil 2.2" 
I copied  a new StorageUtil.dll from PapyrusUtil2.2 I just downloaded. But Skyrim does not even start.
Here my active mods :
Active Mod Files:

00  Skyrim.esm
01  Update.esm
02  Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp  [Version 2.0.3]
03  Dawnguard.esm
04  Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp  [Version 2.0.3]
05  HearthFires.esm
06  Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp  [Version 2.0.3]
07  Dragonborn.esm
08  Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp  [Version 2.0.3]
09  Falskaar.esm
0A  ApachiiHair.esm
0B  ApachiiHairFemales.esm
0C  ApachiiHairMales.esm
0D  AzarHair.esm
0E  RaceCompatibility.esm
0F  Azzi.esm
10  hdtHighHeel.esm
11  JSwords.esm
12  Overlord Tower.esm
13  Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
14  ZaZAnimationPack.esm
15  SexLab.esm  [Version 1.57]
16  daymoyl.esm
17  SexLabAroused.esm
18  Vampire Slavers Den v2.0.esm
19  Devious Devices - Assets.esm  [Version 2.7.5]
1A  Devious Devices - Integration.esm
1B  Devious Devices - Expansion.esm
1C  HighResTexturePack01.esp
1D  HighResTexturePack02.esp
1E  HighResTexturePack03.esp
1F  Brawl Bugs CE.esp
20  RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp
21  Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp  [Version 1.1.6]
22  Chesko_Frostfall.esp
23  MAQ S.esp
24  ExpandedJewelryCrafting.esp
25  High Level Enemies.esp
26  High Level Enemies - Falskaar.esp
27  High Level Enemies - Dawnguard.esp
28  High Level Enemies - Dragonborn.esp
29  MF_RadiantProstitution.esp
2A  mmbedroll1.esp
2B  More Craftables.esp
2C  Place2Sleep.esp
2D  prostitutes.esp
2E  SexLabGuild.esp  [Version 9]
2F  sexlab_necro.esp
30  SexLabNudeCreatures.esp
31  SexWithThieves.esp
32  SexLabDefeat.esp
33  sextoys-calyps-2.esp
34  Svs Super Collection Jewelry.esp
35  WetandCold.esp
36  RaceMenu.esp
37  RaceMenuPlugin.esp
38  RaceMenuMimic.esp
39  SkyUI.esp
3A  Ancient Skyforge Armor.esp
3B  Aradia Lace Dress.esp
3C  Aradia Lingerie Dress.esp
3D  Armored Bikini - UNPB BBP.esp
3E  BeadsBikini-MTM.esp
3F  Bikini-MTM.esp
40  Black Lotus.esp
41  Bondage Action Mode - Bombshell BBP.esp
42  Bondage Straps - UNPB BBP.esp
43  calyps-razorarmor.esp
44  ChildrenClothesClassed.esp
45  Cloaks.esp
46  DCSorceress.esp
47  DF_T33.esp
48  UNP Jewelry.esp
49  DonMichHeels.esp
4A  Dread Knight Weapon Set.esp  [Version 0.99]
4B  Earrings Set1.esp
4C  Elewin Jewelry.esp
4D  Elewin Pumps 2.esp
4E  forsworn-trouble.esp
4F  Gatti14Yumiko.esp
50  GattiBondage0.esp
51  GattiBondage1.esp
52  GDJewels.esp
53  Hentai_mixed_Armor.esp
54  HentaiVoidArmor.esp
55  HotpantsBikini.esp
56  Huntress.esp
++  I Love Cleavage 7B.esp
57  JewelryOfPower.esp
58  JSwordsDistributionBalancePlugin.esp
59  kuzak-bodyandstockings.esp
5A  LadyLaceCloaks_EN.esp
5B  Lady of Death.esp
5C  LB Jewelry.esp
5D  LC_AssassinOfShadownArmor.esp
5E  LeatherHarness - Bombshell.esp
5F  LeftHandRings.esp  [Version 1.1]
60  LustmordVampireArmor.esp
61  MashupUNP.esp
62  ME3 Reckoner Knight Armor.esp
63  mmpieceringparts1.esp
64  MorSit.esp
65  NailsUNP.esp
66  Neo's Slave Leia.esp
67  Neo's Mandu Armours.esp
68  Neo's Selene.esp
69  NewmillerPiercings2.esp
6A  NewmillerPiercings3.esp
6B  nightshade_armor_UNPB.esp
6C  Nocturnal.esp
6D  Northgirl.esp
6E  Nouserhere Ears.esp
6F  Osare HotPants.esp
70  Osare Maid Outfit.esp
71  PBGearRings.esp  [Version 1.3b]
72  Pirsing.esp
73  RegnPiercings.esp
74  rosarmor.esp
75  selobl_Diano.esp
76  SexyMix.esp
77  Skull Armor.esp
78  SkyHeels.esp
79  Skyrim_Strap_Ons.esp
7A  Spriggan Armor 2.esp
7B  StarExpandedJewelry.esp
7C  Strap.esp
7D  StrapOnbyaeonv1.1.esp
7E  Studded Leather.esp
7F  SwordDancer.esp
80  TavernClothes-MTM.esp
81  TG.esp
82  tie.esp
83  UNP Jewelry Variants V3.esp
84  Veteran Nord Plate.esp
85  weadding ring.esp
86  Werehide.esp
87  WestWindAssault.esp
88  wjunlady.esp
89  XiNafay - Kitty Corset.esp
8A  zarias_restraints.esp
8B  CrimsonQuest2.esp
8C  CrimsonQuest3.esp
8D  Devious Deviants.esp
8E  DeviousRegulations.esp
8F  DwemerColosseum.esp
90  Gifts Of The Outsider.esp
91  Gildergreen Regrown.esp  [Version 1.2.6]
92  Jotunheim.esp
93  Jurgholm.esp
94  LavanderHouse.esp
95  PiratesofthePacific.esp
96  quest_pitfighter.esp
97  proudspiremanortnf.esp
98  Rise of the Witches II.esp
99  sanguinesDebauchery.esp
9A  Quest_SeaOfGhosts.esp
9B  Tame Beast.esp
9C  The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
9D  alcoholiceffect.esp
9E  BetterQuestObjectives.esp
9F  FalskaarDawnguard.esp
A0  FemaleMannequinsImperial.esp
A1  Headtracking.esp
A2  Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
A3  SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
A4  SC07SexLabRandomAttack.esp
A5  xazPrisonOverhaul.esp
A6  Zarias_Piercings1.esp
A7  abotFiresHurt.esp
A8  DVA - Dynamic Vampire Appearance.esp
A9  Better Vampires ML.esp
AA  HentaiCreatures.esp
AB  P1FlyingRing.esp
AC  SneakMult15.esp
AD  Uncapped Perks - Magic.esp
AE  Uncapped Perks - Combat + Stealth.esp
AF  HarvestingAnimation.esp
B0  mslZaZArachnophobia.esp
B1  SexLab Cumshot.esp  [Version 1.3.3]
B2  Sit Anywhere.esp
B3  AzarHairPonyTail 03 - Havok.esp
B4  CazyMale.esp
B5  Fh hairs-by zzjay.esp
B6  SGEyebrows.esp
B7  TairenSoulWarpaint.esp
B8  Tribal Tattoo Overlays.esp
B9  TSFemaleWarPaints.esp
BA  TSLCF1.esp
BB  TSMaleWarPaint.esp
BC  The Ningheim.esp
BD  A Simple Marriage Mod.esp
BE  Brothers.esp
BF  BVFE_Serana.esp
C0  SMSkyrim.esp  [Version 3.2]
C1  SMSkyrim - Dragonborn.esp  [Version 1.1]
C2  SMSkyrim - PrettyFace.esp  [Version 1.0]
C3  SexLab_DibellaCult.esp
C4  Spousetocustomhome.esp
C5  Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp  [Version 2.3.6b]
C6  dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
C7  immersive wenches.esp
C8  MarryMe.esp
C9  SpousesEnhanced.esp
CA  NewmBikininLatex2.esp
CB  DarkStandalone.esp
CC  AradiaBikini.esp
CD  7B Barbarian Armor.esp
CE  Fetish-Belt-Armor-Mashup.esp
CF  RagingMoon.esp
D0  Asgard.esp
D1  Cycle of the Silencer.esp
D2  ColdharbourDaedra.esp
D3  SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp
D4  BlacktalonArmorV11UNP.esp
D5  Dominatrix Like.esp
D6  Leather Corset.esp
D7  ShellBondage - Bombshell.esp
D8  SlingArmor.esp
D9  Shocky's Latex Outfit.esp
DA  sweetdressBoots.esp
DB  Alternate Start - Live A Deviant Life.esp
DC  SlaversGuild.esp
DD  ArachnaphobiaExpansion.esp
DE  HDT Piercingsets.esp
DF  SlaveTats.esp
E0  SlaveHeelsForHDTHighheelSystem.esp
E1  hydra_slavegirls.esp
E2  Devious Devices - Gags+.esp
E3  Masque of Clavicus Vile.esp
E4  Devious Cidhna.esp
E5  Devious Loading Screens.esp  [Version 2.7]
E6  SexLabStopCombat.esp
E7  SexLabAnimalSex.esp
E8  SexLabAnimalSexTame.esp
E9  SexLabStatsManipulator.esp
EA  SSv2.esp
EB  Animated Dragon Wings.esp
EC  DeviouslyHelpless.esp
ED  SexLab-Stories.esp
EE  SexLab-StoriesDevious.esp
EF  S7B ArmorPack 1.esp
F0  S7B ArmorPack 2.esp
F1  SexLabDangerousNights.esp
++  Radiant-SchlongsPatch.esp
F2  slaverun.esp
F3  SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp
F4  SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp
F5  Private Needs Discreet.esp  [Version 1.5.3b]
F6  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
F7  Blood Raven - 7B BBP.esp
F8  AngrimApprentice.esp
F9  Captured Dreams.esp
FA  SexLab Submit.esp
FB  Devious Devices - For the Masses II.esp
FC  DD FtM - Cloaks patch.esp
FD  animal_mansion.esp



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i can not help much with skyrim !     


but  generaly blue screen  or  black screen is a video card probleme  : try to make an update of your video card.  or if in the contrary you have updated your video card, try to reverse to a previous point.

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I understand that you have tried my suggestion of checking each SKSE plugin DLL file


and that StorageUtil.dll is the only one which does not pass, so all the others load the game OK?


then try copying the StorageUtil.dll from the sexlab framework installation package, not from the PapyrusUtil package


and first backup then delete any files in SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData, also remove StorageUtil.save from the SKSE plugins directory.


what KingKong says may be correct, but if is only SKSE that creates a problem, then its probably an SKSE cause. 

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Thank you for trying to help me. 

This still does not work. 

Whatever happens, StorageUtil.dll blocks the game. Without this file, I can play in the game, but of course without animation Sexlab. 


I tried reinstalling the game, it changes nothing. 


It comes from the mods, it may be necessary to clear me everything and start new installation of each Mod : (

I think that a file has been damaged in the crash ... Probably a parent file of StorageUtil.dll. 

Sometimes, to search takes much more time than all reinstall. 


In any case, thank you for your time, your patience, and your intention to help me :)

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Look for a StorageUtil.save file in the Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins folder and delete it.


If this fixes the problem I would be interested in what was skyrim doing at the moment you had the blue screen. Do you remember? Was it when changing to a new zone? while loading / saving a game?

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