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Mod to disable idles.


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Isn't this just for selecting idles to play using the next spell? And no matter what i do with all fnis spells npc's still performing those two damned idles all the time. I meant that i wanted something to remove those idles (or even all idles) once and for ever, permanently.

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Then, uninstall FNIS spells or use this console commands:

Depends on the animation. SAE (SendAnimationEvent) can be used to start/stop animations from the console and papyrus scripts. Ensure in the console you have
nothing targeted and try the following:

SAE IdleStop - Stops many normal animations
SAE IdleChairExitStart - Stops most sitting/kneeling animations
SAE IdleLayDown_exit - Stops most laying down animations
SAE HugA - a short hug animation that seems to stop any idle



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Uninstalling FNIS spells did just that - removed spells, no effect on idles. SAE commands didn't worked either. Except hug, that indeed stopped those idles, but few seconds later they started again. And that's exatly why i requested a mod that will disable those animations.

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