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  1. My only criticism is for guys who don't finish their games, as maybe 10% of them are even barely playable, rest are 0.0.3 alphas and tech demos and so on. Scurvy on them. Anyone who makes a decently playable game is a hero, quality is secondary matter.
  2. Can you make it (or maybe there is some way in the mod which i didn't found) so the player is able to open doors and use menu with tied hands? It is breaking about every mod that force equip devices on player, and it is overwriting Zaz settings and player control.
  3. Yes, i thought it was zaz because of the zaz settings which are getting overwritten apparently in that case. So, is there any way?
  4. Question - is there some method to having wrist binds equipped and to be able to open the doors? Not a single option from mcm works.
  5. I've got it working with that, though I deleted the custom portraits. It's pretty funny; after I plotted my kingdom over to Slaanesh, pretty much everyone is pregnant with everyone. Good to know it's somehow working, i will try to reinstall everything and try again. About the everyone pregnant: good, Slaanesh would approve!
  6. Great work! If i can have a request - can you make it compatible with the Gehemnisnacht mod?
  7. A lot of things, but three are big time: 1. I would want TES VI. Really. I've seen just too much good ideas and amazing game series being murdered or going FUBAR because of mobas, MMO, consolization and making every damn thing dumbed down to yet another "action game". Because braindeads apparently can't play anything else and even n-th clone of the same shooter shit would sell better than vast game. So i really would want to see true next game of pure Elder Scrolls. 2. Easier and more extensive modding possibilities. Because this is why TES is better than all other crpg's and this is w
  8. Anyone have some good mod changing the look of Valerica (but only her)?
  9. Nightasy? Contrary to some glorified crash generator mods, that is actually sad. One of few modders who actually made some goods for those who don't like cow udders everywhere... Sad
  10. When the Black Death is rampaging, no one cares for common cold...
  11. Years ago, after first games required online registration to run i spewed paranoid prophecy in a drunken haze - that we would eventually have to buy monthly subscription for single player games. Since then i watched as it slowly, but surely comes to life. Not today, and not tomorrow, but it will. Cash grab on mods is just next step. And we now have pirated mods on the internet. Pirated. Mods. I never thought to see those two words together. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum...
  12. Not bad, but i really wouldn't advise anyone to go on board in high heels. Especially during battle or storm.
  13. Well, it's good for one thing. 30 minutes with it and i suddenly start to appreciate Illusion games again.
  14. Recently reinstalled Skyrim and a new problem occured. Well, maybe not a problem, because mod main feature works like a charm, but certainly an annoyance. Every NPC now seems to have weight set to 100. Even without bodybuilder body in this mod this means that basically every man in Skyrim looks like Hulk. So, is there any way, preferably other body replacer compatible with SoS that make them looks like human (and elf and the rest) men again?
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