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Custom Race Shlonging. [SOS] (Need help)


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Trying to tinker with adding a custom race follower with custom skeleton to compatability with SOS, but having trouble finding the right ID to assign it to SOS and I am probably lost from there. Anyone willing to guide me? Basically Trying to add a female custom race follower to UNP is all.

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you need nifscope, open the custom skeleton and find the genital node. Then modify the scale property to.....I think 2, but don't quote me on that.


Ps: Really? trying to add a slong to Renimon :o


1: Might want to show me in a one on one session so I do it right

2: Who would not want a Renamon with a huge dick~? ♥

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Sorry, I was alittle drunk when I wrote that. I've been messing around and giving some of my custom followers slongs and this is how I did it. In pelvis section in the nif file there should be a few unused slots under the pelvis section (there might be pussy L and pussy R (who is looking closely enough to see the pussy moving?) sorry if there isn't, I don't know how to add nodes yet) Rename the node NPC Genital Base [GenBase]. Make sure to clear the node by right clicking and going to Transform-clear before remnaming to make sure the node is in the center of the pelvis. If the penis is sunken into the body (might happen if the character has a thick pelvis) you will have to adjust it manually with the edit tool in the Transform section. Taking a look at the picture you will have to raise it up quite a bit.


As for the custom race slong, I don't really know. there is a sloppy fix by setting the race of your companion with the console to a race you don't like (Argonion) replace the texture and mesh of an unused slong (Argonion Average). The set race might do some weird things with your follower's face so you might have to fix it back.

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