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Chainmail Starter Equipment

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File Name: Chainmail Starter Equipment

File Submitter: JRCosta

File Submitted: 03 Jun 2014

File Category: Armor & Clothing

Requires: Skyrim; XPMS;



Another conversion from Oblivion, the Chainmail Armor. This equipment was created for a starting character, giving her a nice armor stats and a very nice weapon for the first missions.

- Cuirass;*
- Leggings with Panties;*
- Boots;*
- Gauntlets;*
- Shield;
- Weapon 1H.

* - All merged in version 1.2 under a single armor part.

Not craftable, but temperable.

To get the set, just take a look at the screenshot (Riverwood). There is a chest there, pick the stuff.

Thanks and Credits:
duddly01 for the Oblivion Body Meshes;
InsanitySorrow for Chainmail improved textures;
Stroti for Chest mesh and textures;
Sevennity for 7B body;
Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls games;
All the good modders that help improve this amazing game by creating mods, leaving great video tutorials or helping noobs like me!


Click here to download this file

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Updated to 1.1: some stats tweaked, made the items upgradable and add the gauntlets to the chest in Riverwood (forgot to add them first). You just need to overwrite the esp file in the Data folder to upgrade to 1.1.

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