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CTD Entering Breezehome?

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Okay, every time I try and enter Breezehome, I crash to desktop.  I had this problem before, and I think I got around it somehow, though I don't know how.  I was using Breezehome Fully Upgradeable, but uninstalled it so I could use Spouses Enhanced.  Now I can't get into Breezehome at all (I followed BFUs uninstall to the letter, except for rebuying the kitchen pack, because it wasn't an option when I spoke to the Steward.)  Anyone have any ideas?

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Whenever you uninstall something especially if it adds scripts can cause problems when uninstalled as things from them can get stuck in your save even after being uninstalled. Have you tried starting a new game and seeing if it still causes a crash? It could be that the save is corrupted. You might be able to make a new save by leaving the area by going through a door so that you get the loading screen then make a new save thenclose the game down then load it back up and try the new save and see if it still happens. It could also mean that something in the house has been removed/modified by the mod and now that it is gone it's causing the problem or something was missed during unistallation.


Like maybe the Open the console via the "~" key and type "PCB" then hit enter. Type "resetinterior whiterunbreezehome" then hit enter. which will reset the interior of the house.

All should be well in the world. Save again and you should be good to go from there on out.

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Do you by any chance have the hearthfire DLC? I believe I have had that before and it's because Beth changed/messed some things up in the breezehome when they made the DLC I believe there is a patch to fix it somewhere. It might be in one of the unofficial patches not sure though.

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