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Underwear Issues!


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I recently upgraded all of my (upgradeable/related) mods and for my OLD saves (believe it or not), everything's actually been going great once I setup everything, but because my main save was using the Hideout from SexLab Defeat, and one of the chests there for pretty much everything I owned, I lost just about everything, so I've opted to start over.


Now, on my new save, I have pretty much everything set up, but underwear is a recurring issue in the following situations (and these are just the ones I've found:


- Looting armor off corpses continues to have underwear on (rather than naked)

- Sex through Matchmaker occasionally has underwear on (mostly fixed after selecting to strip slot 52)

- Aggressive sex through SexLab Defeat ALWAYS has underwear on for both victim and aggressor (slot 52 is checked for Victim/Aggressor animations as well)

- Sex w/ creatures occasionally has underwear issues (thankfully only for the non-creature characters involved, lol)


Personally, I don't really care for the underwear in the first place, so is there any way to just remove it entirely if that's an easier solution? Otherwise, what could be causing this problem?



Supposed mods that could be causing issues:

- SOS: Schlongs of Skyrim

- SexLab

- SexLab Defeat


Other mods that may, but probably aren't, causing issues:

- SexLab Aroused

- SexLab Nude Creatures


My Mods list, should it help at all:


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I have not played skyrim for ages, and am not familiar with your specific mods.


However, if you do not like the underwear on some figures, it's possible that that is a part of some .nif files? If so, you should be able to go in with nifskope and see that. And then you can either use nifskope to clean up your models or you can replace the files themselves with files that have a look you prefer.


(Otherwise, it's a scripting problem and you'll have to get rid of, or get fixed, the offending scripts.)

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Is this the vanilla Skyrim loincloth underwear? Or tightie brownies? :lol:


 The brown ones are from SoS. Go to the SoS page and look for the fixes for the "underwear bug".


If they're just the vanilla stuff then get a nude body replacer. I don't see a body replacer in your mod list.

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I went over to SOS and threw a reply on it, and after getting nothing, I go back into the game for the first time today, and... huh. All the issues I had seem to have vanished.


So um... yeah. Issue fixed, I suppose? .-.


I swear, playing with these mods are like using a run-down car. Sure it works, but only some of the time XD

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