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ctd at certain points in game when i try to go down path leading to the brewery in whiterun

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Brewery to many drinks CTD result :P











Ok serious you think we can help with no info at all, only where you crash?


Did you even try research first other topics or what to do when this happen?


Did you first watch some tutorials how to install skyrim with mods?


What have you installed so you can play skyrim?

Which mod manager you use?

SKSE version?

Load order?

What kind of PC you have?

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Assuming you've already discovered it, try fast traveling to it, or fast travel to a close-by location, then go to the brewery. From time to time, I'll CTD or lock up when I travel overland, especially around Riften and Windhelm. When this happens. I can reproduce it every time. To fix it, I just fast travel to a close-by location and then travel from there. When I get to the same problem area, no more CTD or lockup. Try it, see if it works for you.

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