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unp bodyslide belisaro tpb

Lord Ariakas

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Hi all,


I am a bit confused, someone could make it clear what is possible and what is not?


I have unp belisario body mod, mainly beacuse of pregnancy scaling.

I read somewhere here that this body can be edited /changed in bodyslide somehow , and it would be capable to do the pregnancy scaling still and it could be customized with the sliders (smaller  boobs etc.)and even I could create  pregnancy scaling clothes/outfits as well for the body. 


I tried to make it, but I ended up with a body which never had a pregnant belly, or with an always pregnant belly.


Somebody can make explain to me which bodyslide should I use and how should I do it? (step by step)


Currently I am using bodyslide body unp 0,4


Help. please.

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you cant use bodyslide unp or any release with b3lisario pregnancy belly, because that  will change the meshes (the ones b3lisario changed) to regular unpb ones, if you wanna use bodyslide you will alwalys loose the b3lisario pregnancy effect, if you wanna use bodyslide and keep a pregnancy effect you need set body 1 (100% weight) to pregnancy effect and avoid use body 1, just  let mod with pregnancy know you are using meshes and its body 1 (or 100% weight), till i know just have that way.

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