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Idea: Children of the Dead Seed


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Hello! I'm a long time creeper on these forums, and only just started getting back into Skyrim and its mods a few months ago.

I'd like to propose an idea that's kicking around in the back of my head for a while now.

If anyone's read the Malazan Book of the Fallen, you may be familiar with the Children of the Dead Seed; there's this story arc with a whacked-out religious army, and one of the factions in this force are women who lurk the battle field, and for lack of better phraseology, rape the dead.

What they actually do is find a dying man, and ride him, timing it so that he ejaculates just as he takes his last breath. The resulting children are pseudo-holy and have a special rank in the army itself (sort of).

Now, I play using SkyRe because the Necromancy overhaul of the Conjuration tree is what actually got me to start playing again. I was wondering if anyone'd be interested in trying to make something like this. I have no proficiency with 3d modeling or scripting, so please don't bite my head off when I suggest it might be easy to do: manually turn the dead body over (if face down), you could use the erection spell that comes with SoS, and then cast a little ritual, mumble something, or just pounce on the guy and ride away. 

I imagine this could be used/linked with a pregnancy mod (if that's somebody's preference) or perhaps even with enchanting - capture the dead man's soul after you roll off him, and fill a soul-gem!


I don't know, I just thought it'd be cool. 


Thoughts/feedback appreciated.




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Huh. I've been using Submit. I didn't realize there was a necro component to Defeat, I'll definitely take a look at it again.

I'm not quite so interested in the pregnancy aspect, but I thought it would make the mod idea appeal to more people.

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If you wanted to make this with existing mods, Defeat's necrophilia combined with one of the many preggers mods for kids should look proper. 

You'd have to roleplay it a bit though.

I've tested out Defeat. (imo, better than submit!)

While the necro aspect of this mod is greatly appreciated, what I had in mind was something (possibly) much simpler.


step 1: turn the body over onto it's (back/front)

step 2: use erection spell (or something else, perhaps some kind of ritual, I don't know at the moment)

step 3a: Females: mount him and run a cowgirl animation!

step 3b: Males: plow away!


Then I imagine you'd ether fill a soul gem, trapping the dead soul, and be able to use it for enchants (or perhaps keep it, and use the soul in some kind of enslavement/thrall mod) or get preggers.


What I was looking for is someone to figure out what is necessary to run a cowgirl/missionary/skull fuck animation on a non-animated target. 



EDIT: On another note, can anyone explain the massive lag between Defeat's Necro toggle and the animation start? In my games, nine times out of ten, I'll crouch there for a good 20 seconds or so before anything happens. Then the corpse will get up and replay some of its last animations before assuming the position. Also, nine times out of ten, the dead male winds up running the female animation.

While this sometimes pleases me, its mostly just awkward.

Any thoughts?

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