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Conflict Between HDT Hair and HDT Body?


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Just wondering if there is a conflict between these two things, as for whatever reason the Merida's hair mod works fine whenever I'm not using a body with HDT, but when I use a body with HDT, I get hair that seems to stand upright rather than falling to the shoulders.


Is this an hdt.xml problem and if so, is there a patch?


edit: this seems to be a result of patching body meshes directly, though I'm not 100% sure.  HDT Havok Object item fixes this, though with the caveat that it seems to conflict (or just not work) with certain TBBP-enabled armor mods.

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Well, I've found that using the HDT Havok Object works with the hair, but modifying the meshes directly (via the Nifskope tutorial) messes up the hair.  Using HDT 14.28.


I'm still having quite a bit of trouble with it, unfortunately.  Not with actually getting it to work, but getting it to work with all the meshes and not just some of them.  The most direct solution is to modify the mesh directly, but unfortunately HDT doesn't seem to like both hair and body mods at the same time (unless they're attached with a Havok object or in some cases I've seen people using the head).

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You need to adjust the collision parameters and layers to make sure it's all correct.


Double check collisions in both the hair xml and your body xml and make sure no bone names overlap.

As well as make sure collision filters are set correctly.


Yoo made a really good thread about them and their importance, search for the "Collision filters and You" thread.

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