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issue with forum: can't post a specific reply


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as you can see I'm new around here, I wanted to reply to some thread and got a message :

Sorry whismerhill, you are not allowed to post links.



to which I want to say that there is absolutely no links in my text at all

so I don't get it.

sorry if it's the wrong area, I was searching for "website/forum issues" but didn't find one

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ok but there are absolutely zero links in my post (and zero quotes)

and I'm just trying to reply like any other forum allows you to do including this one

heck I even tried both the "quickreply" window, and the "full reply page"


whatsmore I can't even "preview" my post, it tells the same error message ....

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This is pretty bad, i want to help the community but cant share anything, stupid rule...



It's not a stupid rule, it prevents spambots and keeps the forums free from annoyances that plague other sites. It doesn't take that many posts to be able to post links (smileys are considered an image link). Go to the Big Board of Fun and you'll get through the restrictions. This is a real community, not some wham-bam-thankya-ma'am forum site.

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