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SkyUI and LOOT problem


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Have problem with sorting SkyUI with LOOT. It sorts it on 159 position, and I have problems with MCM. Sometimes there are all mods in MCM, and sometimes it loses all mods that loaded before it. I can move it by hands, but interesting in complex solution. Tried to set it to load after few mods like unofficial highres patch, and setting its priority to -1000. Doesn't work.

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b3lisario sometimes it does. I have full list of mcm menus. Then in few time i see "MCM menus registered". When I go to menu I see that there are only 7-8 menus(normally there are 15-20 menus)

And there is NO this bug when skyui loads after highres unofficial patch

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I have noticed a different 'issue' with SkyUI and LOOT, pertaining to SexLab as well, but it doesn't seem to actually be causing any problems.


First off, for reference, I'm working on a completely fresh install of both the game and all my mods, using Mod Manager.


When I sort with MO's built-in LOOT (which is functioning properly. I installed the regular LOOT and ran it separately first as I saw instructed to do), I get a warning under SexLab in the summary details telling me that SkyUI is not active in my load order, even though it is. SexLab seems to be working perfectly fine despite this warning though (MCM menus load up just fine and are fully functional).


Not sure what if anything to make of it since it doesn't seem to be causing any issues, but thought it was worth mentioning.

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