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Beast race bodies (Argonian/Khajiit) are still vanilla despite CHSBC being installed.

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So, I've been having this really strange issue with bodies in my Skyrim. For some strange reason all of the female NPCS still had vanilla bodyshapes despite the fact that I had installed the latest CBBE (and after that, CHSBC).


Another strange issue is that it is kind of resolved. If I make a female character who is a elf or a human, they're fine. They're buck naked.


But whenever I make a Khajiit or a Argonian, they still have the vanilla bodyshape. At first I thought it was because beast races use a different body mesh - but that's not the case, they use female_0 and female_1 just like the others.


So I'm really not sure what the issue is.

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just guessing but it maybe the mod your using try using a different body shape mod..the mod your using may not support beast races.ARE you installing the mods manually ? if so make sure your putting everything in proper place.But I would suggest using a different body mod to see if that helps hope everything works out.

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this statement is only partly true! if it uses the CHSBHC he can of course use the XP32 skeleton. but he is better off if he uses Cherry's skeleton!
all vanilla races use the same body! There is no special body for "Argonians and khajiit." if something is not working for you you have a mod installed (race with a ESP)

which influence on your vanilla races takes!

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