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Nif troubleshooting... can anyone take a look?

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Can anyone experienced with nif files take a look at this mesh and point out what is missing?


I am trying to create a wreath and deer horns.


I started with the wedding wreath as a crown and imported the OBJ mesh from a wearable deer horns modder resource.


The mesh looks fine in Nifscope but the horns are invisible once I import the crown in CK editor (only the wrath is visible).


I suspect that has to do with an incomplete texture node and probably a missing skin instance/ 

I tried to add a skin instance node based on the original nif file for the horns but that resulted in crashing CK editor when I tried to view the results.


Attached are two files... the horned hat I am trying to make and the original wearable horns.


Edit: I thought I got it to work after renaming the root node to match the file with the horns and copying the whole branch into the new file. The horns appear with a texture when I look at the Armor Addon in CK, which is progress.... but they still appear invisible in the armor object itself (and in the game).


I updated the file with the new version.



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I am seeing several problems


- The horns NiTriShape should have a NiSkinInstance or BSDismemberSkinInstance child node.

- There is a BSDismemberSkinInstance in a wrong position (root node), but I think it's empty/broken.

- horns node / BSLightingShaderProperty / Shader Flags 1 / SLSF1_Skinned flag is not checked. That's OK if the mesh is not an armor, not the case.


The original horn mesh doesn't have these issues. I am not sure how you imported the original mesh. I'd copy-paste the original horns entire branch to your nif file. Can elaborate if needed.

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@b3lisario - we probably cross posted :)


I uploaded an update after doing just what you recommended - I copy pasted the whole branch with some progress (textures are showing on armor addon) but the horns are still not showing in the armor itself.

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