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issues wih boobes


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so i somehow competely screwed up my characters tits, the body works perfectly fine, the mods work great. but the tits are fucked. i was using sevenbase body with the hdt physics, then i wanted to try that....umm really annoying body type whats it called? chbshc or something rediculas like that? and the tits were still fine, bigger but fine. and later after seeing that body type i was like nooooooo this isnt really the body i like, i like the more real yet sexy look like sevenbase SOOOO i went back to sevenbase body type, NOW the tits look like the have a tumor towards the bottom of both tits. im really confused why is this happening? i took of the hdt physics to see if thats the problem, it wasnt. so i looked through the mesh files and im just at uhh with what this problem is. if i knew how to screen cap id post a pic. but its a small problem no biggy if i slap on a shirt lol but i mean it still just bugs me that not this character ive worked hard on and build from scratch with MULTIPLE mods is walking around with tumors on her tits. kind of a piss off, makes me not want to change body type mods ever again. ill just stick to 7base. 

can anyone help me figure out the cause of this annoying issue?

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To take a in game screenshot hit one of the f buttons at the top I can't remember which one it is as I have a gaming keyboard it might be f12 and I use the g12 instead which is way closer then the f buttons. Then use the more reply option tab instead of the post tab as that will bring up the upload screenshots along with regular posting stuff.

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