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Sexblivion issues


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I have some issues regarding this mod. The mod works perfectly find in regards with the spells and stuff. The issue is that when my character engages in sexual intercourse nothing happens. The female npc engages in the animation while my character just stands there. Any ideas what the issues might be ?

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it could a probleme of your load order      post your load order or see post http://www.loverslab.com/topic/11515-please-read-before-posting-here/

it can be missing animations files  reinstall the mod or just animations with the ini files


it could be a bad alignement that prevent one of the character  their must be a debug in one of the settings


or you have a multiple lovers systemes that prevent a good working around (and you must choose one)

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try this load order









see if it goes better


if no change   uncheck sexdarkness  to see if animations are running correctly


if no change try reinstall sexlivion with all files  and see what happends

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