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If you're having problems with Oblivion itself or non-lovers mods and need help figuring them out, we're more than willing.

HOWEVER, there is basic information we always need to know before we can even begin.
It's getting a little tiresome repeating the same steps over and over to everyone that asks,
so I'm just going to put a list here of steps to follow and then sticky this thread.

1. Check your load order! Make sure that it is correct. If you are unsure look at all readme.txt files for the mods you have downloaded and run BOSS (better oblivion sorting sofware).
Link to BOSS: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/20516

2. If you are crashing at start up then you likely skipped the above step. If so go back to number 1. If not then you need to check all your plugins to make sure you have all required mods and utilities that those plugins require. If you are running Wyre look for any delinquent master errors and correct them.

3. Lastly before opening a thread in the Oblivion technical support section please take a minute to browse this section for a couple of pages to see if your question has already been asked & answered.
Another effective way to search for things is to type "Lovers Lab" (then your topic/item/mod) into google and hit search.

4. If you have a lovers specific problem, then stop and go here: http://www.loverslab.com/forum/31-technical-support-lovers-with-pk/


If you completed the above and still have problems, then please proceed to open a thread and include the below information:

A. Describe your problem: Are you crashing at start up? Do you have errors on your screen? Are animations not working?
Fully describe the problem you are having but try to do so without writing a book please :)

B. Post your Load Order! Seriously, most problems can be resolved at a glance from one of our forum's many guru's, so do everyone
a favor and include this in your first post.
To get your load order with OBMM: Just hit import/export, then view load order, then copy it and paste it here.
To get your load order with Wrye Bash: Just right click on one of the column headers (doesn't matter which one) and select "list mods", the copy it and paste it here.
NOTE: Use the spoiler code when posting load orders!!!! (see bottom of post for spoiler code)

C. Post your utilities and their versions. Examples: OBSE v20, Pluggy 132.
Again some mods require certain utilities, and further still certain versions of those utilities.

D. Sometimes a picture can do what nothing else can. Be ready to post a screenshot of a difficult to describe problem. Imageshack is a great free picture upload site that works just nifty with this forum.

Spoiler code:

[spoiler]  type text here  [/spoiler]

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