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How To Tell When Sexlab Is Done Initializing?

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As the topic says, I'm looking for a script-based method for pinging SexLab to check if / when it's done initializing on a new game (or installation, or whenever).  I already made a brief stab at dissecting the framework to find a method for myself, but I reckon somebody knows what I should be looking for.




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if SexLab.Enabled && SexLab.Threads.Length == 15
 ; // SexLab is most likely initialized.

Or for something event based.

RegisterForModEvent("SexLabInstalled", "InitDone")

function InitDone(int version)
	Debug.TraceAndBox("SexLab version "+version+" has finished initializing!")

In addition to the mod event SexLabInstalled, there is also SexLabUpdated, which sends the same argument.

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