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Hud Disappears When Stopped; Menus/dialogs Gone


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Not sure which one of my skyrim mods is causing this. Now my hud disappears when I have stopped moving. Only when I walk, run, sprint do I see the crosshairs, the compass, health/magicka/stamina, and SkyUI icons.


Also when I activate tanning racks, enchanting tables, etc. the menus never show.


This has never happened to me before. I suspect either Defeat, or Submit, or maybe 1st person view...


Please help.... Thanks!



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Guest emilio

immersivefp. there's a hud toggle option that's probably on with the current preset you're using. either remove the mod, clean save, and install again, or find the setting and uncheck it.

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Thanks A LOT, same problem.

Started a new game, activating many mods ([...], Immersive first person view [...], immersive HUD [...]) and for both I tried new things (IFP => profile 1 ; immersive HUD => unchecking many things).

Even when I started a new game, it didn't work. Thought it was immersive HUD.

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