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Skyre Reproccer Complains Erroneously About Missing Master


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I just reran the reproccer as I had installed a new mod. Totally unrelated to the new content, the reproccer complained another mod was missing its master, despite said master being very much present.


Any ideas to the cause and remedy?



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No .esm missing, but a master esp for another one, specifically privateneeds.esp for outhouses.esp.


Never mind, I think I know the problem, it's with the BOSS routine the proccer is running - it's screwing up the load order which LOOT assembled correctly already, thereby messing up the order of the two.

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Ok, running SUM without running BOSS got rid of the missing master error, but now I have a nullpoint error. I tried to run the Debug-noBOSS, but I get no debug files out of it. Of course, if I run the regular debug, it will just mess up the load order again with BOSS.

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