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After Computer Crash, I Can't Make Skyrim Start

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So, long story short- yesterday, my OS became utterly unrecoveable, so I backed up my boot drive's data, which included my skyrim folder, onto an external HDD.


I then reinstalled My OS (Windows 8.1) on the drive, along with Steam, the Mod Manager, and Skyrim, then copied my Data folder into the installed Data folder, which I've done before without issue.


I got the Audio1_7.dll issue, but I reinstalled DX to fix that, then I got an error with storageutil, so I deleted it as another guide suggested, but now I get no errors and Skyrim won't start.


Are there any other common problems I should check?


I can provide a load list later today if needed.

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Open Steam and run "verify cache" might not solve the issue but at least you will know that your Skyrim folder and Steam is getting along with each other. Then load and run loot, TESedit5 and see what they report.

Thanks for the assistance. I've gotten Skyrim loading fine, and I can create a new game without issue, but if I try and load an old save, I get the "Relies on content not found etc." error. Do you know of any tools I can use to figure out the mods I was using for a given save? If not, thanks anyways, but it would greatly speed up my search to figure out what I need to reinstall.

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I would check My sig and look at the "How to upgrade Sexlab Version. The program is there in a link and I give it here as well The link to the save game scalpel . However there are some good advice on how to clean the actual game as well combined with this. Might be good to look at it. I know I will when I get some time to concentrate on this.


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