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Help With Download Save

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When I download a saved game and extract it into my files, (the correct area for saved games), when I start the game it CTD's and a file

called hdtphysicsextension autosave.ess.temp is added to the file. Why is it doing that? Yes I do use HDT.

It doesn't happen all the time. Seems just the ones I would really like to try.

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Guest Ragna_Rok

uhm... are you sure the same mods are loaded? ... i mean, when you get savegames from another gamer, you should run the exact same mods as him / her... if its your own savegame, make sure the mods are set up the right way.


just a fast shot from yours truly.

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Yeah, you're missing some files/mods. It's not always going to cause crashes, but it sure can. Have you asked the maker of the save what mods they were using?


If you were using Mod Organizer it would list all the missing mods for you. Just an FYI. ;)

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