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Direct Me To Where I Can Fix All In One Xml And Havok Object 1.2


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So I'm using clp2011's All in one XML. Makes it easy to edit right? I can't get the havok object to give me breast collision though. This is obviously because it has it's own XML files. So I open up both the XMLs in the 1.2 havok object in JFF and look at the settings for the breasts and butt and make the settings the same as much as I could. No collision and massive jiggle. Just tits everywhere.


So what do for breast collision?

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First, this XML is outdated.

If you do not use the Ponytail by xp32, you should switch to a newer version. (see Fourth)


Secondly: With JFF (Just Dor Fun) everything is Easy to edit. Although the tool has limitations, but all of the basics is therefore possible.

Since almost all the xml here on LL to "All in One" based, all are Easy to edit.


Third, if you want to bring HDT Havok Object to work with my xml together, you need to Havok Object Meshes edit, and not the XML.


Fourth: You can also do without HDT Havoc Object and use the advanced (and hopefully full version). Called Havok Breast Physic. Link is in my Signature.

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